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  • Merger and Acquisition deals 'to balloon' this year

    Last year in the US, M&A deal values reached record levels - however, an even bigger year is predicted for 2016 thanks to favourable fundamentals, huge cash reserves and a low cost of borrowing.

    15. April 2016
  • Is the greatest threat to a business from inside?

    The actions of a firm's own staff, suppliers and partners could pose more of an immediate danger to its business than external threats, according to a new report...

    15. April 2016
  • Braving business in China this year: Be prepared!

    Firms looking to partner or merge with Chinese counterparts in 2016 should do ample due diligence, as financial records and legal documents continue to prove elusive and the risks for foreign investors high...

    17. Februar 2016
  • Where will Business Intelligence be in 2016?

    With more employees gaining greater access to a wider range of company information and data processing tools becoming more user-friendly and affordable, the coming year should spell big changes in the BI marketplace...

    18. Dezember 2015
  • Staff quitting over 'hidden' company information

    UK and US firms are accused by employees of a 'business information blackout', leading to an increase of walk-outs in favour of jobs with increased transparency and trust...

    29. Oktober 2015
  • Data restrictions may hurt South African companies

    New laws to protect personal information in South Africa risk stifling business growth by halting innovation and removing competitiveness, experts warn...

    29. Oktober 2015
  • Chinese company reports see US ratings agency in court

    Adverse business intelligence reports about Chinese companies by New York ratings firm Moody's are the subject of unprecedented fines by Hong Kong regulators...

    5. Oktober 2015
  • Staff background-checks 'gaining popularity'

    A new survey claims growing support for background screening by the public, with four out of five consumers believing organisations should run background checks for job applicants and employees.

    5. Oktober 2015
  • What employers should know about background checks

    Employers run background checks on applicants and employees to protect the workplace and assemble a good workforce... Here we examine cross-border differences when doing this, and what guidance multinational employers should follow.

    5. Oktober 2015
  • IT security... part of business compliance?

    A recent ruling by a US federal appeals court means the Federal Trade Commission can prosecute firms for failing to protect company records through poor IT security.

    5. Oktober 2015
  • Higher due diligence for Asian investors as Australia deadline looms

    New rules governing customer due diligence in Australia will see knock-on effects for businesses and individuals throughout Asia, as a January 2016 cut-off date on non-compliance draws closer.

    17. September 2015
  • Due diligence demand to skyrocket in compliance hike

    Demand for enhanced due diligence services is expected to rise after US firms were warned to ramp up Anti-Money Laundering (AML) protocols and customer due diligence if they are to escape tougher non-compliance penalties…

    5. August 2015
  • China crashes could provide boost to foreign firms

    The continuing stock market turbulence in China that led to the closure of its exchange last month could provide cross border companies who wish to float there with fresh opportunities.

    28. Juli 2015
  • Big data software to explode by 2019

    Big data processing and analytical software - a key component of the Business Intelligence marketplace - is set to grow by nearly 600 per cent within four years, analysts predict.

    28. Juli 2015
  • Business Intelligence sales set to rise

    Annual worldwide sales of Business Intelligence and Analytics Software will rise by more than eight per cent to nearly $27bn by 2019, according to new industry predictions.

    10. Juli 2015
  • Indian business intelligence 'changing', worth $150m in 2015

    Leading analysts have put the value of business intelligence software sales - including corporate performance management solutions and advanced analytics applications - at $150m for the Indian marketplace in 2015, up 15 per cent on the previous year.

    10. Juli 2015
  • Indian background checks show surge in fake CVs

    Business background companies operating in India report over a quarter of résumés being submitted by job applicants within the region contain lies or discrepancies.

    7. Juli 2015
  • Google brings Indian business information online

    A five month trial of the online business registration service Google My Business (GMB) has seen over a million small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) registering in India.

    28. Mai 2015
  • Money laundering law creates new business register for Europe

    New rules on anti-money laundering could create an unprecedented central registry of European businesses' real owners before 2018 after being agreed on by the European Council and endorsed by the European Parliament.

    28. Mai 2015
  • Employment screening reveals rise in 'bad' CVs

    Due diligence specialists are reporting that inaccurate job applications are at their highest levels since 2011, with 63% of CVs containing inaccuracies already this year.

    8. Mai 2015
  • NY firms can't background check employees

    New York City Council has passed a bill banning employers from screening job candidates' credit files, which is expected to be signed into law later this year by the city's mayor.

    24. April 2015
  • April sees flurry of Business Intelligence mergers

    Microsoft and Datazen, Tableau and Birst, Infor and Larsen Toubro ... BI mergers are booming as providers look to broaden offerings and transform business users' mobile experiences.

    16. April 2015
  • Firms fearful of managing merger risks in emerging markets

    Fraud, money laundering and corruption have been named as the key reasons Western businesses have low confidence in managing risks when investing in emerging markets, a new survey shows...

    1. April 2015
  • Undertake BI due diligence or risk ruin, analysts say

    Companies that choose Business Intelligence platforms on the basis of their 'street-cred' and ease of deployment risk losing money in the long-term, a major survey finds...

    19. März 2015

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