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Obtaining company information can be difficult, but we make the task easier by undertaking the research for you: whether that's verifying that a company exists in the Caribbean, undertaking a credit check on a business in Asia, or conducting business premises property searches within Europe.

Worldbox provides an unrivalled gateway to a vast repository of company information, providing easy access to detailed data on a range of essential areas, including: authentication and verification of company registrations and accounts, corporate and financial records and credit risk reports.

Thanks to our true worldwide coverage, provided by our subsidiaries, our regional “Desks” and network of partners on each continent, paired with our decades of investigations experience - you can be sure that in working with us, you're choosing the best possible supplier for ALL of your business information requirements.

With one account, competitive pricing and a simplified ordering procedure that allows you to quickly purchase and receive any of the above services online. Whether you are doing due-diligence on a supplier, or checking out a competitor, we will be pleased to support you.

There are two ways to obtain the company information you require: Online Company Information is readily available from our extensive online databases and can be directly downloaded. Offline Company Information allows you to order bespoke research on specific companies you require intelligence on, wherever a report or legal document is not available from our online database.

Additionally, a whole range of company information can be supplied by Worldbox to support your businesses' research, legal, or sales and marketing activities. We also provide other services that draw on our business intelligence-gathering and investigations experience, including Global Debt Recovery.

Register with us now for unlimited access to our company information.

If you have any questions about our services, please use the Contact page to speak to an Account Manager or write us a message, and we'll get straight back to you.

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