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The Worldbox Group of companies are well connected internationally. We provide debt recovery services through our own offices and our “Desks” in many countries in the world in addition to working with selected partners of high repute, according to their experience, their track record, and their ability to collect effectively in their territory.

  • We understand the importance of protecting our client’s image and not to damage the commercial relationships between our client and their own clients
  • We are proactive and we report on our findings on a regular basis, in time frames required by the client.
  • Our global debt recovery service is offered on a “NO collection - NO fee” basis.
  • There are no fees for file opening, no prepayments and no subscription fees required
  • The percentage commission rate is based on the criteria and location of the debtor

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The Services

Investigation Services

In cases where a client requires an unbiased third party to verify with the debtor the situation surrounding the non payment of a debt, we communicate with the debtor to determine the position on the debt and report our findings, together with the current official data on the subject in our report.

In order to perform this work efficiently we will require document copies and correspondence relating to the case, that we fully understand the client’s position before undertaking any activities.

This service is provided on a fixed fee basis.

Case opening

For each collection case opened we prepare a Solvency Report This includes information on current official data on the status of the subject, negative events verification, details of any insolvency proceedings, and in the case of a company publishing its financial statements, the latest available. In various jurisdictions the type and extent of the information available can vary.

  • Status reports are prepared throughout the life of the case, covering the actions taken and information for ongoing verification and updates on protests, and insolvency proceedings.
  • With the objective of achieving pre legal settlements actions will include, written demands, telephone communication, negotiation for settlement.
  • In the case of “no trace” situations – an explanation of the activities performed before reaching this conclusion will be included in the Status report
  • Communication styles are those used in the country where the debtor is based. 

Documents required at Case opening

To enable the most efficient handling of a case, the client shall provide us with the following documents at the time of opening the case

  • Invoices, delivery notes, and other transportation documents (if applicable), signed by the debtor where ever possible
  • Orders, and confirmation of orders
  • Copy of contract(s) if they exist

Correspondence and email copies between the parties, and any other documentation and information related to the case.

Legal Actions

In the event of legal action, the evaluation of legal proceedings and estimation of costs will be proposed before any action is undertaken.

  • No costs will be incurred without the prior permission of the client.
  • We retain reputable lawyers in various countries to act on behalf of our clients.
  • Costs are generally defined and agreed in advance for each step in the legal process

Our multilingual staff and Lawyers will maximize their expertise to successfully recovery any debt in the country jurisdiction of the debtor.

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