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Worldbox offers the highest quality company credit reporting 100% global coverage with three levels of delivery, 3, 5 and 10 days.

Worldbox reports are the result of high quality personal contact, interview and investigation combined with access to official sources, media research via a diverse team of global and experienced in-house investigators, partners and sources. Completed reports are quality control checked, any macro-economic knowledge and wider business intelligence added, before final delivery to our client.

Worldbox has over many years developed an international workflow model which is designed to ensure optimum quality of service to clients which covers all key performance criteria. This comprises report quality and content, prompt and accurate query resolution and customer service communication, database systems and electronic delivery. High quality service levels and attention to detail are Worldboxs specialty and is a key requirement for all our clients.

Worldwide Business Information has many companies worldwide in their databases. We investigate daily companies around the world from Albania to Zimbabwe and this information is daily loaded to be available online

The work is done by either our own offices or by people in the country who operate our "Desks"

Where information is available on a company we indicate what is available online and show the date the last research has been made.

Credit/Investigation Report

Credit/Investigation report - is the last credit report we have prepared on this company - you will also see the last date that we researched this company and you can decide if you want to take the report online or order a new researched update. Available online.

This is a researched investigation, done as rapidly as possible for you and delivered in the time frame you request, (Superflash, Express or Normal), containing information on the current status of the company, its company register information, its activities, officers, communication information, and to the extent that the information is available, ownership, and all financial and operational information that is possible to obtain on the company, with an opinion on whether one should be doing business with the company, its reputation in the market etc.

In various countries full financial information is available, but in others, where financial statements are not required to be officially filed, then we try to obtain as much financial information as possible. Please be aware the content is dependant on the information available in a country.

Report Contents

Worldbox reports are clearly and concisely presented for ease of access to key data elements and are available in English, German, Italian ( other languages on application ).

Worldbox reports generally comprise:

  • Operating address and contact details
  • Profile and history of subject company
  • Company activities, products and services, operations and Industry Classification with NACE code
  • Operational figures, financial and banking information - where possible
  • Registration information and date of establishment: registry and official information - name and location of official source, registry, (tax)authority, Chamber of Commerce
  • Ownership and management - with group linkages (to parent, subsidiaries, associates), where possible
  • Legal status and payment information
  • Credit rating and opinion, payment experience and commentary

NB all information is included, where available

The Worldbox credit rating is a 1-20 score, generally calculated from the following factors:

  • Age of company
  • Legal form
  • Size
  • Activities
  • Financial strength (if available)
  • Link to parent company (if any)
  • Payment history
  • Director/Shareholder structure
  • Premises, other assets owned, leased or rented
Company Report

Company Report online - is a Profile on the company in the language selected, English, German or Italian are available at present. Available online.

Relation Report

Relation Report online - is a short profile on the company - and the details of its ownership and subsidiaries, in the language selected. Available online.

Financial report

Financial report online - is a company profile with summarised financial information, in the language selected. Available online.

Full financial report

Full financial report online - is a company profile together with full financial data available on the company, balance sheet, profit and loss and cash flow, in the language selected. Available online.


If the company is in the database but the full information on a company has not been researched then when we receive your order we will conduct a full research on the company

If you have any specific questions please contact us - we will be pleased to answer your questions

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